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"I wanna have control. I wanna a perfect body. I wanna a perfect soul."

16. Brazil. Vegetarian.

personal shit

have you guys ever get tired of your friends?

today was great

but i need to lose 2,2lbs in 3 days. anyone knows if this is possible?

My legs are discusting, i need help!

especially my butt and thighs… way too fat. these are the only part of my body that i can’t “get skinny”! what should I do? should I do exercises (what kind of), and diet will let them skinnier?

im hungry as fuck. it’s almost 2pm and i didnt eat anything

but i have to wait my parents go to work so i can eat whatever i want in peace :c

my head hurts too much, fuck

i’ll drink some green tea and go to bed

also my dad will order pizza for dinner so i don’t want to be around 

6 days and 2,2lbs to go

that’s it. yesterday was good, but today i’m going great :) wish me luck guys

Im really frustrated.

i log into facebook and it’s like a punch in the face: all the pretty girls with perfect bodies with them handsome boyfriends taking pictures in the beach and they look flawless, and how this ain’t enough they have money and are in some fucking expensive hotel in another country with monkeys and stuff and Im home eating cereals


i need to remember that i have the control of my fucking body. I decide when i’m going to eat. it’s just me against myself. DON’T LIVE TO EAT, EAT TO LIVE. 

I spend all day waiting for the time to go to bed and sleep, i developed a kind of anxiety. i like when i am asleep because it’s like being dead for some hours. i have no problems, fears or sadness when i’m sleeping.

cant wait to be sleepy 


I had a huge binge, like +500 cal. I didnt have a binge in a loooong time :’(((( fml

i can’t even purge cause my aunt is home. 

what should i do?

you know these moments when you just forgot about everything and you are just in peace, but then after some seconds it’s like a wave and you remember everything that’s going on all the sad, all the flaws, all the fat and distress. 

I am fat.

I weigh fucking 123 lbs. This is too much, not even acceptable. Im eating too much. I eat to many fruits. I need to watch the fucking carbs. I feel like a pig right now. :(

i’ll be happy when i weigh 112 lbs. That’s it.