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"I wanna have control. I wanna a perfect body. I wanna a perfect soul."

16. Brazil. Vegetarian.

personal shit


I had a huge binge, like +500 cal. I didnt have a binge in a loooong time :’(((( fml

i can’t even purge cause my aunt is home. 

what should i do?


i went to the nutritionist and she told  me i have a healthy alimentation. BUT of course i lied my ass off in there lol. what scared me was that the told my mom to take me to a psychiatrist because i was feeling fat, and for her i am not coz my weigh is great. Now im in panic. How cool is to have an eating disorder and not even be skinny?

ps: she told me to take some vitamin pills because im vegetarian, but anyone knows if it can make me gain weigh?

its almost 10pm

im hungry. i ate +/- 320 cal today. should I eat or not?

Im in panic

my mom is taking me tomorrow to the nutritionist. i don’t know what to expect and i don’t know what to say in there, cause my daily intake is always lower than 800 cal. what should i do?


how hard is to be the only motherfucking person in home who actually want eat healthy food and dislike junk food

plus, im the only vegetarian. fml.

today was good. could be better, wish i had ate just 500 cal.

whatevezzz need to lose 4,4lbs till wednesday. wish me luck guys! :)

shit shit shit!

I woke up and went to the kitchen to have lunch, and my mom was there. LIKE ALWAYS she started yelling at me, saying all the things that i don’t do to her, and this got me really upset. SO i started eaten :( i ate like, 5 pieces of cake, and a lot of  granola. I know, i know im a pig and i’ll never reach my goal in this way. Should i restrict for the rest of the day? Cause i think i ate more than 700 cal right now, which is ridiculous coz yestarday i ate a little more than 600. UGHHH FAT!

ps: i think im going to the gym later

What should I do?


this is so relevant right now. DO NOT EAT SHIT LIKE THIS never again.


this is so relevant right now. DO NOT EAT SHIT LIKE THIS never again.


I was fucking hungry cause the last thing i ate was a soup (80 cal) and some grapes at 6pm. Now its midnight and i just ate one little apple (50 cal) and some chopped vegetables (+/-100 cal). Is this too bad?