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"I wanna have control. I wanna a perfect body. I wanna a perfect soul."

16. Brazil. Vegetarian.

personal shit

Im really frustrated.

i log into facebook and it’s like a punch in the face: all the pretty girls with perfect bodies with them handsome boyfriends taking pictures in the beach and they look flawless, and how this ain’t enough they have money and are in some fucking expensive hotel in another country with monkeys and stuff and Im home eating cereals

My outburst.


I had a huge binge, like +500 cal. I didnt have a binge in a loooong time :’(((( fml

i can’t even purge cause my aunt is home. 

what should i do?


how hard is to be the only motherfucking person in home who actually want eat healthy food and dislike junk food

plus, im the only vegetarian. fml.