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"I wanna have control. I wanna a perfect body. I wanna a perfect soul."

16. Brazil. Vegetarian.

personal shit

today was great

but i need to lose 2,2lbs in 3 days. anyone knows if this is possible?

My legs are discusting, i need help!

especially my butt and thighs… way too fat. these are the only part of my body that i can’t “get skinny”! what should I do? should I do exercises (what kind of), and diet will let them skinnier?


i went to the nutritionist and she told  me i have a healthy alimentation. BUT of course i lied my ass off in there lol. what scared me was that the told my mom to take me to a psychiatrist because i was feeling fat, and for her i am not coz my weigh is great. Now im in panic. How cool is to have an eating disorder and not even be skinny?

ps: she told me to take some vitamin pills because im vegetarian, but anyone knows if it can make me gain weigh?


gpoy. still to funny to be real lolz


gpoy. still to funny to be real lolz

its almost 10pm

im hungry. i ate +/- 320 cal today. should I eat or not?

why am i always so tired

Im in panic

my mom is taking me tomorrow to the nutritionist. i don’t know what to expect and i don’t know what to say in there, cause my daily intake is always lower than 800 cal. what should i do?